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Jupither Josephsson Theatre Company is an independent performing arts company. The company’s aim is to create artistic cutting-edge productions with a clear contemporary profile that strengthens the collaborations with theatres and festivals in Sweden and Europe.

In today’s society, it’s more important than ever to interact over our national borders and to recognize that we all face similar challenges.

Jupither Josephsson Theatre Company,

  • will produce significant performing art of highest quality with contemporary European and Swedish drama focusing on living in Europe today. 
  • aim to combine a strong visual narrative on a high artistic level with a passionate commitment in the world around us.
  • believe in art’s power to create an understanding of our existence from new perspectives
  • will through the continued coproduction with theatres in Sweden and Europe constantly develop artistically and together with our audiences.

The compay is founded by Sofia Jupither, award-winning theatre- and opera director mainly engagaged at The Royal Dramatic Theatre and The City Theatre in Stockholm, The National Theatre in Oslo, and Ulrika Josephsson, well-known producer, former CEO and artistic director at The National Theatre in Sweden and Folkteatern in Gothenburg.

The companys first production, ”The Tiger” by the Romanian playwright Gianina Carbunariu opened on Sept. 4th, 2015 at The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. Performances at co-producing theatres in Sweden and Europe will follow.

The Tiger – A European Mockumentary

”The story we are about to perform tonight is the story of a Siberian tiger born in a beautiful medium-size city in Europe. We have been there, making the attempt to document every single step this feline took from the moment she left her cage!”

An average European town. A beautiful medieval square, sidewalk cafés, pigeons, passers-by, tourists, homeless people… An ordinary town, where everything is as it always has been, until suddenly something out of the ordinary happens.
A tiger escapes from the zoo. From this real event, when a Siberian tiger created chaos in a European town, the Romanian dramatist Gianina Cărbunariu constructs a witty, playful and political tale of our time. With humour, tenderness and intelligence The Tiger portrays how anxieties for the future may alter our attitudes and relationships with the people surrounding us.

Gianina Cărbunariu, born in 1977, is a director and dramatist based in Bucharest. Her works have amongst others been translated and produced by the Royal Court in London, Schaubuhne in Berlin, Kammarspiele in Munich and the Volkstheater in Vienna.
The director is the company artistic director, Sofia Jupither, awarded many times over for her productions at Stockholm City Theatre, The Royal Opera in Stockholm and Nationaltheatret in Oslo.